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Choose a Hospital Checklist

Selecting the right hospital for yourself or your loved one after a spinal cord (SCI) or brain injury (BI) is a big decision at a challenging time. Here is a quick list of things to consider when you’re narrowing down your options.

Care & Treatment

  • Accredited in specialty care.
  • Significant experience treating patients with my loved one’s injury (more than 30 SCI or 15 BI patients at a time).
  • Includes the family in rehabilitation & support.
  • Committed to cutting edge BI and SCI research and therapies.
  • Offers assistance to transition the patient home before discharge.
  • Offers follow-up services.
  • 50+ years of specializing in treating patients with my loved one’s injury.
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment team model (a team of dedicated physicians and clinicians who routinely meet to discuss your loved one's care).

Facility & Equipment

  • On-site housing for families (first 30 days free)
  • State-of-the-art gym and aquatic therapy pools
  • State-of-the-art equipment


  • Staff to patient ratio of 5:1 (nursing & therapy staff) or 10:1 (counseling staff) or lower.
  • 10+ years of nursing, treatment, counseling staff experience.
  • 13+ years of therapist experience
  • 18+ years of physician experience (in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury)


  • Designated staff to help families with insurance and future preparations
  • Offers educational programs for patients and families.
  • Numerous family support programs.
  • Offers flexible visitation policies.
  • Offers nearby no- or low-cost housing to families.