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Getting Back on the Road: Adaptive Driving and Transportation After Catastrophic Injury

After a catastrophic injury, driving and transportation can be extremely valuable to providing community access and independence for people living with spinal cord or brain injury. Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists have a unique set of skills and knowledge base that serve to assist people of all backgrounds and injuries with transportation options and returning to independent driving. This course, Getting Back on the Road: Adaptive Driving and Transportation After Catastrophic Injury, will give you insight into the process involved with a driving program and adaptive transportation and why it can be beneficial for a person’s quality of life.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the status and needs of each individual patient as it pertains to transportation and/or driving goals.
    • Time frames/readiness
    • Everybody is different, same LOI manifests differently in individuals.
    • Adaptive Equipment Needs
    • Passenger vs. Driver
  • Understand purpose for addressing driving/transportation needs.
    • Preparing for financial demands of adaptive transportation
    • Quality of life
    • Independence with IADLS
    • Community Access and Occupation
    • Locating resources in their specific community/state

Speaker Bios

Barry Doyle, MSOTR/L, CDRS
Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
Adaptive Transportation Department
Craig Hospital

Barry Doyle has worked as an occupational therapist (OT) for 12 years. He has five years of experience as a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist.

He has expertise in low-tech controls and modifications, return to driving following traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury, evaluation for return to driving with high-tech controls and modifications following spinal cord injury. He has participated in a number of training courses and presentations related to adaptive transportation and driving.

Colleen Knoll, OTR/CDRS
Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
Adaptive Transportation Department
Craig Hospital

Colleen Knoll, OTR/CDRS, is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience working with a multitude of diagnoses (SCI, TBI, other near diagnoses, and orthopedic injuries), as they relate to rehabilitation, adaptive transportation/driving, aging, seating, positioning, and adaptive equipment needs. At present, she is an evaluator in Adaptive Transportation Department at Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO. Colleen Knoll is currently a member of the Colorado Chapter of ADED. As a CDRS, Colleen works with clients, family members/friends and various equipment providers (both installers and manufacturers) for evaluation, training, education and equipment fitting for safe and dependent passenger transport or return to independent driving status.

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** Credits for ‪Nurses: RN, LPN, ARNP and CNA (all states except IA) CCM, CDMS and CRC: Nationwide

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