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What to Bring

  • 5-7 sets of personal clothing: Make sure to bring loose athletic or jogging pants or shorts and swim wear (no jeans). Shirts should be stretchy and/or with v-neck so they fit over cervical collars, braces, etc.
  • A jacket or sweater
  • Shoes: Choose shoes that are 1-2 sizes large and wider than your pre-injury shoe size to allow for swelling of feet.
  • Slippers: Bring a pair of loose-fitting slippers with a solid bottom to be worn if shoes are found to be leaving pressure on your feet. Choose those that cover the back of the heel completely and not with the low back.
  • Socks: Avoid thick socks or elastic that is too tight as you may have swelling in your feet.
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Light-weight throw or blanket
  • Personal toiletries including sunblock
  • Personal mementos for your room

Helpful Tips

  • Save your receipts for clothing items. You may have to try a few items until you find the ones that will work for you specifically.
  • Patients will want to have their own clothing for therapy in order to adjust to what they will wear at home.
  • Bring clothes that can be layered, because our weather in Colorado changes often.
  • We have basic hospital toiletries, but if you have favorite brands, you may bring those as well as makeup and shaving gear.
  • Bring pictures of family, pets, and friends to make your room feel more like home.
  • Label all your belongings before arriving so you can keep track of your personal items.