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11 apps to help you meet your New Year’s resolution!

January 12, 2014

The tech lab did some research to find out what the most popular New Year’s resolutions were and then found some great apps to help you achieve them. Check it out and see if we’ve listed an app to help you meet your resolution!

If your resolution is to…

1) Be more organized:

Use Cozi App

Available through the App Store cozi5by

Features:• Free
• Calendar
• To-do list
• Shopping list
• Journal
• Customized settings

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
Available through the App Store & Google Playfitnesspal5by

Features:• Free
• Helps you keep track of the calories you eat or drink
• Provides exercises and allows you to create custom exercises
• Lets you create personal fitness and nutrition goals and track your progress
• Allows you to connect with friends to motivate each other
• Additional online resources are available at

3) Manage stress:

Use Take a Break! – Guided Meditations for Stress Relief
Available through the App Store & Google Play

Features:• Free
• Voice guided step by step meditation
• Choose from two relaxing audio guides: Work Break or Stress Relief
• Optional music and nature sounds
• Additional online resources available at

4) Take better care of your skin:

Use WS Timer – Weight Shift Notifications
Available through the App Store

Features:• Free
• Created by and for those with spinal cord injuries
• Sets local alarms for your weight shifts
• User can determine intervals, shift duration, and how far out to schedule future weight shift notifications

5) Get out more

Use WheelMate – to find wheelchair-accessible toilets and parking spaces
Available through the App Store & Google Playwheelmate5by

Features:• Free
• Add toilets and parking spaces in the app or on
• Rate and comment on locations listed by others
• Plan trips in advance
• Printable location lists

6) Save money

Use Spending Tracker – personal finance app
Available through the App Store & Google Playspendtracker5by

Features:• Free
• Easy to use
• Flexible timeframes, and categories
• Summary view
• You can log expenses and income
• Creates useful reports to help quickly see where your money is going

7) Workout your brain

Use Luminosity Mobile – Brain Games
Available through the App Store lumosity5by

Features:• Free
• Train your memory and attention
• Creates a personalized training program
• Studies have shown that it improves working core cognitive abilities

8) Manage your medications

Use RXmind Me Prescription – Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker
Available through the App StoreRx5by

Features:• Free
• 9 customizable reminders
• You can refill and transfer an existing prescription to Walgreens
• Easy to export prescription data and history

9) Help others

Use VolunteerMatch
Available through the App Storevolunteer5by

Features:• Free
• Gives you access to a big network of opportunities
• Allows you to see what opportunities are near you
• Reviews from other volunteers
• Allows you to save opportunities to view later

10 & 11) Have fun

Use Plants vs Zombies
Available through the App Store & Google Playzombie5by

Features:• Free on App Store/ $1.21 on Google Play
• Conquer zombies in 50 levels
• 26 types of zombies
• 49 powerful plants
• “Hilarious graphics, great soundtrack and bonus music video”

& Dice with Buddies
Available through the App Store & Google Playdice5by

Features:• Free
• Multiplayer dice game
• Allows for multiple games at a time
• Has in-game chat
• Play with the same account on any compatible device