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3 Assistive Technology Tips to Take on March Madness

March 28, 2018

This month’s NCAA National Basketball Championship Series takes place over several weeks and involves dozens of schools, therefore it’s not unusual for patients at Craig to get caught up in the excitement, too.

However, using standard remote controls can be difficult for patients to access and control their TV’s so they can cheer on their favorite teams. That’s where Craig’s Assistive Technology Lab comes in to play. Occupational therapists and speech therapists who specialize in assistive technology work with patients to come up with accessible solutions such as television voice control with a smart speaker and a hub. Since these solutions can often be used once they return home, the therapists will show patients and family members how to use and set up the same technology back home.

Craig’s Assistive Technology therapists share 3 tips for getting set up with the best seat in the house during March Madness!

  1. Big button remote controls are inexpensive, readily available online, and easy to use. These “plus-size” units can be programmed to work with almost any TV and seldom get lost between the cushions of the couch.
  2. Use voice control through a TV or smart home device. This is great for people who have limited arm and/or hand movement. Voice control can be set up to change channels and control the volume of the television. It can also be used to manage home environment settings like lights and the thermostat.
  3. An app can transform a smart phone into a customized TV remote. If a TV or entertainment device was made within the last few years, it is likely it has a TV remote app on Google Play or the App Store. Using these apps can help control media and eliminate the need for multiple remotes. Accessing a touch screen can be easier than hitting buttons on a remote, and having the phone app at your fingertips can be more convenient. Try using a smart phone to watch TV, search the internet, listen to music, or watch a video.

Hopefully these tips make your March Madness a Slam dunk!

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