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A New Year’s Reflection from Craig Hospital President & CEO Jandel Allen-Davis, MD

January 01, 2020

The other day I was in my art room and noticed a piece I wrote a few years back at the start of the New Year pinned on the design wall. In thinking about entering 2020, I decided I wanted to share this hope for the new year with you because the BEST thing we can do for ourselves is just slow down, be more present and incorporate gratitude into our day to day. My belief is that this practice enhances our awareness in ways that make the intention to change more doable.

In that spirit, may your New Year be intention-filled with all you need to continue this journey called living in a manner that allows you to smile at the end of every day and say, “Well done!”

Stillness my wish for us as we enter the new year.

Making time

Taking time

Being in time

Long enough to notice…

the veins of a leaf

the way the sun glistens on a spider’s web in the morning’s dew-drenched hours

how the light differs as the season changes in its brilliance

in its coming and leaving

casting the same shadow widely as it dances in space and time

Long enough…

…to close the eyes and let the ears enjoy the inimitable song of aspen leaves in summer and their changing tones with drying and withering in fall

…to discover how a water drop serves as lens and magnifier on our world …or perhaps drinks for thirsty


…to enjoy the visual and gustatory experience of a new food

…to observe the careless yet intentional way that creatures seemingly less than us live in this world... with an enviable ease.

…to feel your toes, to hear your breathing, to feel the very heartbeat that fuels all of This.

…to stop and acknowledge the very presence of an Other.

…to hear all the sounds in music subtle and strong.

…to be present.

…to belly laugh until tears roll

…to cry eyes ‘til red and swollen

…to hug tightly

…to smile until your cheeks hurt.

To leave behind the weighty old and new albatrosses and go into, to be of, the world.

Whether alone or with others…

to stop look up look around look down

look inside you and see you in a way that catches the breath and takes you by surprise.

To luxuriate in the experience of silence.

To allow yourself to be dazzled, astounded, indeed humbled, by the power of this wonderful planet with all of its awe-some creatures

Long enough…to let the tired self touch again solid ground.

And in humble renewed gratitude, utter “wow”.