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Alumni Update: Alysia Kezerian

July 13, 2016

Alysia Kezerian, ’15 Danville, CA

Alysia Kezerian was injured in a hiking accident at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. While hiking Misery Ridge Trail, Alysia attempted to climb a boulder near the trail. After losing her grip and falling 8-10 feet, she continued to tumble an additional 20-30 feet down the steep terrain. The fall left her paralyzed from the waist down.

“As I began my descent, I spotted a rock I had grabbed onto on my way up and reached to use it again. And then it broke. And I fell. I hit the ground hard, then bounced from there off the trail and down the side of the mountain,” said Alysia.

Alysia has not let her injury alter her lifestyle. She returned to the University of Oregon to complete her undergraduate degree and was the student speaker for the 2016 graduating class. Alysia has recently embarked on a european study abroad adventure that has taken her to Austria, France, Slovakia and Hungary.

“So here I am, back at school and moving forward with my life. It still gets tough sometimes, especially when I see something that reminds me of who I was before. But I don’t have a choice — this is who I am now, and I know someday someone will ask me, ‘If you had the choice, would you take it all back?’ and I’ll say no because of all the good that has come from this. I’ll be happy, and everything I ever wanted for myself will happen regardless of my paralysis.”