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Alumni Update: Deborah Ede

December 29, 2015

Movin' On Alumni Update

Deborah Ede ’12, OK

Competitive power tumbler Deborah Ede was only 15 when she sustained a spinal cord injury during a gymnastics practice. While doing a move called a half-out pike on a trampoline, she lost her footing and landed on her head. Her injury level was C5/C6. After surgery, she was told she would never walk again.

“So many prayers and support helped me get through this experience. My doctor, nurses, and therapists, and everyone at Craig, were so encouraging and pushed me to never give up. My goal was to walk out of Craig Hospital, and when I was discharged on May 18, 2012, I did just that. I walked out of Craig using arm crutches.”

Today Deborah walks and runs without assistance. Last year she completed her first 5K. She said, “I could never have made the recovery I did without all the help of everyone at Craig and the strength of God. A verse from the Bible that helped me through this recovery process was Philippians 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. This verse is so true and has helped me through all the trials of my life.”

Deborah is a now a freshman at Oklahoma State University, majoring in physiology pre-physical therapy. Her dream and goal is to become a physical therapist and work at Craig Hospital, “So I can inspire other spinal cord injury patients with my story. Although this was the hardest experience I have ever been through, God got me through it and now I want to help others get through it as well.”