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Alumni Update: Kristin Hopkins

December 31, 2015

Kristin Hopkins ’15 CO

Kristin Hopkins was injured in a car crash in 2014. Both of her feet were amputated and she sustained a traumatic brain injury. A year after her injury, Kristin contacted Craig Hospital about the symptoms she was still experiencing. She came in for an interdisciplinary outpatient evaluation that included speech, physical, and occupational therapy, a driving test, and visits with a neuropsychologist.

“Craig Hospital has given me more confidence with pretty much everything in my life. With the speech and occupational therapy I have been able to multitask much more efficiently and not be so flustered with trying to find the words when speaking. Am I perfect with that all the time? No, but so much better than what I was like, and I’m continuing to get better. Physical therapy helped me be more confident with trying to do more things than what I thought I was ready for. I can carry things up/down the stairs without hanging on to the railing. I may be slow and have to stutter-step sometimes, but I can do it,” Kristin said.

She says neuropsychology helped with her stress level. “It helped me learn how to calm myself down when I felt I was getting overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. It helped me manage the stress with everything that had happened to me because of the car accident and focusing on what needed to be dealt with and not worrying. Things still creep up on me, but I have the tools to keep the stress down.”

She was excited to get cleared to drive. Kristin also received a scholarship from Craig Hospital for a bike.