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Alumni Update: Stewart Lundy

July 26, 2016

Stewart Tucker Lundy, Outpatient, Denver, CO

Stewart Tucker Lundy has spent most of his life living with quadriplegia. He was only 14 when he was injured in a diving accident in New Orleans. He hasn’t let using a wheelchair shape the way he lives his life.

“Take one day at a time. Always find the positive and learn how to laugh at everything,” said Stewart.

Stewart works to change people’s attitudes toward people living with disabilities through the Denver Mayor’s Commission for People with Disabilities, which he has served on for the past four years. Stewart also was recently appointed by the mayor to be on the Blueprint Denver Task Force, which works to shape the future of Denver’s land use mobility parks and recreation.

“It’s very exciting knowing that I have a hand in building a city that will be better and more accommodating toward people with disabilities,” he said.