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Beyond The Helmet

May 31, 2017

Beyond the Helmet: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Mark Glaser grew up in the small ranching town of Calhan, Colorado, surrounded by airplanes and motorcycles. His love of motorcycles followed him into adulthood. When he met his wife, Robyn, through a mutual friend, he often took her on long dates on his motorcycle. “Robyn wouldn’t ride with me unless I wore my helmet,” he recalls. “I was always aware of safety when I was on my bike. Motorcycles can be a very enjoyable hobby, as well as a mode of transportation, but you have to be aware when you are on the road.”

In 2010, Mark and Robyn’s lives were unexpectedly changed when they were involved in a motorcycle accident. “We were on a three-day motorcycle trip and were coming into Salida, Colorado, when a car turned into us,” says Glaser. Robyn was thrown from the motorcycle and sustained a concussion. Mark collided with the car. “It was one second, just 58 feet,” Glaser said. The driver just didn’t see them.

He sustained a traumatic brain injury and was airlifted to a Level I Trauma Center in Lakewood, Colorado where he spent 30 days in the Neurosurgical ICU before being transferred to Craig Hospital for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. He now shares his story of recovery with others, including giving advice and safety tips to motorcycle riders. He also wrote a book, 58 Feet, about his journey.

For Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Mark shared the following tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear the gear! This includes a helmet, closed-toed shoes, leather jacket, pants and gloves
  • Take the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training course
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Allow for more space than you think you need when turning or passing
  • Utilize the passing lane and turn lanes, and don’t take short cuts

“Remember, motorcycles are smaller vehicles that take up less space, which means it can be hard for people in cars to see you,” said Glaser. “Things can happen, but don’t let the fear of other riders or vehicles sway you from riding.”

In 2011, Mark and Robyn welcomed their first child Matthew, and two years later, had their daughter, Piper. They currently live in Denver.