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2018 Brain Injury Summit Gathers 700 Professionals to Share Best Practices

February 15, 2018

The 2018 Brain Injury Summit gathered 700 professionals in Vail for a multidisciplinary continuing education experience with an emphasis on the latest updates to evidence-based treatment guidelines in the field of brain injury neurorehabilitation.

Participants had opportunities to network with professionals from a wide range of disciplines, share best practices, and gain knowledge and tools that could be immediately implemented into practice.

This was the third Brain Injury Summit developed and managed by Craig Hospital. “The Brain Injury Summit is important for the field of brain injury because it allows professionals from around the globe to get together to explore and share ideas and learn from one another,“ said Amy Berryman, OTR, MSHSA, occupational therapist at Craig and conference chair. “This event provides an avenue to discuss applications for clinical practices and optimizing patient outcomes.” She added that in her role as an occupational therapist, she gets to add creative flair and innovation to her practice, which translates into helping people become more independent.

Throughout the conference, participants discussed current treatment guidelines and best practices relative to the continuum of traumatic brain injury (TBI) care for adults and children, including medical diagnosis and treatment, evaluation and management of mild TBI and sports concussion, clinical interventions, applied technologies for rehabilitation, and more.

“I had a wonderful time at the conference and enjoyed meeting our colleagues, sharing research and applying a clinical practice to TBI,” said Angela Lumba-Brown, M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine.

Keynote speaker Jenny Ponsford, Ph.D., an Australian neuroscience researcher at Monash University, spoke about evidence-informed practice for TBI and neuropsychological rehabilitation. Dr. Ponsford’s work focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the negative consequences of TBI, particularly those related to fatigue, sleep disturbance, attentional problems, mood and behavioral disturbances, and the development of rehabilitation interventions to improve long-term recovery and quality of life in individuals with TBI. She has attended all three BSI conferences. “I was honored to be invited to give this lecture,” said Dr. Ponsford. “Craig Hospital has contributed so much to the development of this field, so it was my great pleasure to be at the summit.”

Dr. Alan Weintraub, Medical Director of the Brain Injury Program at Craig and Brain Injury Summit co-chair, said, “This event is significant in bringing together professionals to discuss the science of brain injury, neorodiagnostics and best practices in treatment, but especially focusing on all we can do together by integrating different disciplines to improve the lives of patients and their families.

Watch the highlights from the 2018 Brain Injury Summit in Vail, Colorado!