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Craig Grad invents pet leash for people using manual wheelchairs

March 12, 2014

In 2008, Brian Nguyen was studying psychology at the University of Colorado-Denver, when he was injured in a motorcycle accident and sustained a spinal cord injury.

After taking some time off school, Brian returned to UC-Denver, while still continuing therapy. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in psychology, but his life experiences living with spinal cord injury, led him to pursue a different career path.

“I went in a different direction closer to business and have since then started my own business,” said Brian.

It all started with the adoption of Molly, a Dachshund mix, he brought home shortly after leaving Craig. Brian noticed immediately he was having trouble taking Molly and his sister’s Yorkie-Cairn mix, Riley, out on walks.

“I would hold the leashes in my hands, so it made pushing and controlling really hard.”

Brian did some research and couldn’t find anything that would make it easier.

That’s how the sciLeash, a pet leash made specifically for people using manual wheelchairs, was born.

sciLeash Carbon Front Angle

The sciLeash allows a person in wheelchair to have both hands free, while maintaining control of their pet.

The invention has not only made taking his dog outside easier, but it has provided Brian with an exciting future as an entrepreneur.

“Even though being in a wheelchair closes the door to some of the things you were able to do before, it can also open new ones that you never expected you would ever come to.”

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