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Craig helps Sherown Campbell’s family heal after his SCI

September 09, 2014

Sherown Campbell, an athlete who was competing at the elite level, was on vacation when a freak accident changed his life forever. While wrestling on the couch, he fell off, landed on his neck, and was immediately paralyzed from the neck down. Sherown’s wife Sue, his kids Carter and Sydney, and his mother Kim, mother-in-law Pam, and grandma Bonnie found themselves in unfamiliar waters. They had hardly heard the word “quadriplegia” before, and now they had to become experts.

Craig Hospital made sure that the family was equipped to care for Sherown.

Pam, Bonnie, and Sue took an active role in Sherown’s physical therapy classes, learning how to properly and safely transfer Sherown to his bed, wheelchair and shower. As someone who would become primarily responsible for Sherown’s care, Sue appreciated the support that her husband’s physical therapists offered as she learned to assist Sherown with everyday activities. She also was comforted that the experts at Craig Hospital were only a phone call away.

Bonnie attended Craig Hospital’s donor-funded Patient and Family Education programs to learn how to provide the care that her grandson would need when he returned home. The classes explored the psychological, spiritual and anatomical implications of surviving a catastrophic injury.

“Craig Hospital is such an educational place,” says Kim. “You learn so much about catastrophic injuries and life after an injury. They prepare you to be independent again.”

One of the most challenging parts of Sherown’s injury was being separated as a family and learning how to navigate family time again. Through Craig Hospital’s donor-funded Therapeutic Recreation program, recreation specialists taught the Campbells how to have fun together as a family. Through Therapeutic Recreation activities such as a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Sydney and Carter got used to their dad’s large power wheelchair.

“Therapeutic Recreation made us feel like a family again. It took my son and daughter a while to warm up to the idea of dad being in a wheelchair,” says Sherown, “but thanks to Therapeutic Recreation we learned to have fun again despite my chair.”

With his family’s support and assistance, Sherown was able to go home and live a fulfilling life.

Craig’s holistic approach to care keeps families strong so patients can find the motivation to recover. Our innovative programs help moms, dads, partners, wives, husbands, sons, daughters and dear friends heal as well.

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