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Craig Hospital alumnus runs the Colfax Marathon to raise funds for other patients

August 11, 2014

Allyen Wilson celebrated the one-year anniversary of his discharge from Craig Hospital by running 5K as part of the Colfax Marathon. The full 26.2-mile marathon included seven races over two days through many of the Mile High City’s most iconic landmarks. It was Wilson’s first organized race since his college years.

His race preparation began last summer with workouts, and in February 2014 he started running, working out on the treadmill at his gym when he couldn’t run outside.

“Race day was fantastic. It was very gratifying that I recovered so much in one year that I was able to complete the race. It meant so much to have friends and family there to support me. My 15-year-old son and the son of family friends also ran the race. We were all greeted at the finish line with hugs and high-fives,” Wilson says.

He ran the race to express his gratitude to Craig Hospital, and he raised more than $1,500 for Craig in the process. The funds will benefit Craig’s Therapeutic Recreation programAllyen Wilson edit, which provides recreation opportunities to help patients participate in activities they used to enjoy or to learn new exciting activities.

Wilson became part of the Craig Family in 2013. After collapsing at home with a pulmonary embolism, he survived the trip to St. Anthony’s Hospital, but once there, cardiac arrested three times. During the last cardiac arrest, which was for an extended time, his brain suffered from a lack of oxygen. He spent two months at St. Anthony’s and was transferred to Craig for inpatient therapy for a month.

“I like to say St. Anthony’s saved my life, and Craig hospital gave me back my life. My experience at Craig was unforgettable. The kindness of the therapists and staff is unsurpassed. Craig’s focus on treating all its patients like family is special, and I want to be a good family member and do my part,” Wilson says.

Wilson says the residual effects from the brain injury are minor, and his health is better than ever. He is back to working full-time in his growing consulting business. He and his family hike in the mountains regularly. The entire family was able to go to Hawaii in the spring, reprising the trip they missed in 2013.

“Every day is a bonus!” he says.