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Craig Hospital to launch new fully-responsive website

September 18, 2014

Craig Hospital will take a leap in its digital evolution when it launches a new, fully-responsive website on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

The new site has been designed and developed to be user-friendly, easier to access on-the-go, and more attractive to search engines.

An analysis of Craig’s web analytics and research showed that a significant number of site visitors were family members of prospective patients accessing the site from their mobile devices (i.e., iPhone, tablet, etc.) while deciding where to send their loved one for rehabilitation. The new site will automatically “respond” to the user’s screen-size, presenting relevant content in an easy-to-find, visually-interesting way.

The bright and story-driven nature of the new website design will increase reach and engagement, and “put a human face” on Craig Hospital through patient videos, stories and bold imagery. The new site has fewer drop-down menus to “flatten out” the content of our website, making it easier to find and access, as well as give the site a more efficient user experience that can be more effectively measured.

In the coming months, the site will continue to evolve and grow to become a go-to source for spinal cord and traumatic brain injury information and inspiration.

The URL of the website will remain the same, The Craig Hospital blog will move to, though the current will redirect for the next year to the new URL.