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February 13, 2014

Dictate a love note to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day!

If accessing the keyboard is challenging and lack of time is an issue, use speech recognition software to dictate a note to that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are a PC or a MAC user there is speech recognition software available for you. To demonstrate, the Adaptive Tech Lab wrote a love letter with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The software:

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Speech Recognition Software


- Speech recognition capability is built into the operating system
- Use your computer to recognize your voice and spoken commands
- Run programs and interact with Windows or dictate into word processing programs
- Fill out online forms or edit text. View
common commands in Windows speech recognition.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software for Windows


- Lets you speak naturally to create or edit documents, use email, search your computer, find maps, news, images, and more
- Creates individual voice files and over time, “learns” how you talk and write
- Dictate anything: prices, dates, URLs, punctuation, acronyms, etc. or personalize the vocabulary with custom words and phrases
- Comes with a wired headset.

Three versions are available:
- Home Edition- Premium Edition
- Professional Edition
- The wireless package comes with the Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth headset

Dragon Dictate for Mac


- Use your voice to create and edit text or jump to Dragon’s predetermined list of internet sites (see user guide)
- The wireless package comes with the Platronics Calisto Bluetooth headset

Adaptive Lab Tips:

  • Speak clearly (speak like you are a news reporter)
  • Correct errors when Dragon makes mistakes (this will help the program learn and become more accurate)
  • A wired mic is a better option for many because it is easier to use, keep the mic hooked up and ready to go all the time
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