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Discover Burrito Day at Craig

February 17, 2017

Yesterday we enjoyed February’s “Burrito Day” and started our morning with a hot breakfast prepared by our wonderful Therapeutic Recreation (T-Rec) staff. The idea for Burrito Day was born when some of our T-Rec staff saw a woman selling burritos to construction workers around the corner from Craig and saw an opportunity to generate additional funding for our patients.

“Why couldn’t we make burritos, sell them, and generate some funding so that we could help our patients with some adaptive recreation equipment,” says Carol Huserik, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

And just like that, our T-Rec staff began coming in at the crack of dawn once a month to make and sell burritos to staff on what we now know as Burrito Day.

All proceeds from Burrito Day go to The Adventure Scholarship Fund (formerly known as the burrito fund) to assist patients who want to purchase adaptive equipment. Therapeutic Recreation, like many of the programs that contribute to Craig’s unique Culture of Care, is not covered by insurance companies and relies on charitable support to offer services to Craig patients, grads, and their families.

Burrito day not only generates funds for our patients, it helps bring our staff together and fosters a culture of family and togetherness.

February is Therapeutic Recreation Month. Remember to take the opportunity to recognize the amazing work T-Rec does throughout the year to make the lives of our patients more enjoyable and rewarding.

Discover Burrito Day at Craig!