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Do what you love | Soaring to new heights

April 07, 2014

Stewart Lundy survived a spinal cord injury when he was 14 years old. Thirty two years later, he is thriving and says that he owes that in large part to Therapeutic Recreation (T-Rec) at Craig. Therapeutic Recreation helps individuals living with brain and spinal cord injuries rediscover leisure-time activities and in doing so has a positive impact on a patient’s overall rehabilitation program. With T-Rec, Stewart has done activities he did not even know were possible, including flying.


Growing up with a father who served in the United States Air Force, Stewart always had a fascination with flying and gliding. While Stewart lived on the east coast, he frequented the Air & Space Museum and learned as much as he could about aeronautics. Never, however, did he believe that he would ever be in the cockpit of a small plane.

“As a person who uses a wheelchair, flying made me feel so free. I did not want to get out of the cockpit and kept thinking ‘If I can fly, what else is possible?’” – Stewart Lundy

Not only has T-Rec at Craig helped Stewart check items off his bucket list, it has given him a huge sense of normalcy in his life. Stewart says, “T-Rec helps me be the person I would be otherwise, without my wheelchair. I tell patients all the time to take solace that they will eventually get around to T-Rec and that it will blow them away. I tell them you are going to do things you love, you just might do them differently.”

Help make dreams possible for more Craig patients by donating today to Therapeutic Recreation today. When you make a donation of at least $22 to the SpeediCath Do What You Love Campaign, you are purchasing a 1-hour T-Rec session for a brain or spinal cord injury survivor, empowering them to do what they love. Thank you for supporting what’s possible.