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Donor Profile: Barbara A. Duff

January 16, 2014

Barbara A. Duff’s life changed in 2001 when her car was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The Denver attorney suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones and a ruptured diaphragm.

“One of my first memories after the accident was waking up at Craig. My sister was sitting next by my bed and there were flowers everywhere,” Duff says. “I thought I was at my funeral.”

Over the three months she spent at Craig as an inpatient, she came to understand the severity of her injury and accept the reality of her new life.

“My brain worked differently than it had before, I couldn’t remember court cases like I used to, and it took me longer to process things,” she says. “But Craig gave me the chance to live a different life than what I’d known, and they helped my family understand how the injury had changed me.”

Through the donor-funded community reintegration program and the outpatient driving program, Duff learned and practiced skills that allowed her to return to work at her law firm just six months after her accident. She has since retired, and returns to Craig several times a week to work out in the PEAK Center.

In 2005, Duff decided to include Craig in her estate plans through the Foundation’s planned giving program, designating Craig as a small percentage beneficiary of her Estate.

“Craig does wonderful things for wonderful people, but they need support to keep it going,” she says. “I view it as a contribution to the greater Craig Family, and it makes me feel good to know that I am able to leave a legacy”