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Hope for families faced with infertility after SCI

April 07, 2014

Thirty people gathered to support new families at a fundraiser for the CathyScott Foundation, held at Sipping and Painting in Denver, Colorado on Sunday, April 6. The event was the first gathering for the charity since it was started earlier this year.

The CathyScott Foundation was created to help Craig Hospital graduates who have been affected by infertility after spinal cord injury. Infertility is an issue that many men face who have sustained a spinal cord injury. Often times the the cost of expensive medical intervention is too much following other medical bills. The foundation will provide grants to families to undergo fertility treatments, as well as provide educational resources to people affected by spinal cord injury who are facing infertility.

Jake Manley and Angela Regier, both Craig Hospital employees, founded the CathyScott Foundation. Jake and Angela were inspired by a friendship with Craig Hospital grad Jesse Alberi and his young family.

"Jesse called me a few years after his injury in tears because he was unable to have another baby," said Jake at Sunday's event.

The CathyScott Foundation was named after Jake's parents, Scott and Cathy Manley, who each worked at Craig Hospital for 36 years. Both Cathy and Scott were active in educating patients with spinal cord injury about sexual health.

In January, the foundation sponsored a special talk at Craig Hospital by Jesse Mills, MD, a board-certified urologist and fellowship-trained male reproductive surgeon who performs more microsurgeries each year than any other men's health specialist in the Rocky Mountain region.

The foundation has partnered with Colorado Center of Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) physician William Schoolcraft, MD, HCLD. CCRM has committed to waive 30 percent of medical fees for in vitro fertilization for CathyScott Foundation recipients.

Fertility treatments can cost up to $30,000 and are not covered by insurance.