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How Do You Fuel Your Brain?

March 24, 2015

In recognition of Brain Injury Awareness Month, we asked #MyCraigFamily what fuels their brains! Below the video, Amy Berryman (Occupational Therapist at Craig Hospital) puts the project into her own words.

This fun, time-lapse, video highlights patients and staff at Craig Hospital participating in the "Brain Wall."

When we do activities for brain injury awareness month, I think it is important for us to do things that are interactive, so people have time to actually engage or take pause to either learn or reflect! The post-it mural was a good way for us to include multiple people, to build something together, and have something that will continue to remind folks over the next few weeks about being mindful about their brain (and to have a good brain injury program presence in the hospital!). I also think art in itself is usually a good avenue for inspiration and that wall we covered was ugly! Last year we did the brain injury experience for staff and family members, but with the move, we don't have the manpower this year, and it was fun to do something with a short time commitment that the patients could also participate in! I asked patients from the Power Hour Class to come so they could help with the process and challenge some of the skills that they work on in class (balance, stretching, reaching, etc) in a meaningful way. It was also a good socialization opportunity for them and also a way for them to engage with a question that is a good reminder for them as they heal!

Amy Berryman, Occupational Therapist at Craig Hospital