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Mile High Mayhem in Englewood, CO

February 08, 2013

Craig Hospital is proud of our graduates who have won medals in the Beijing and London Paralympics in Quad Rugby.

About Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby, also called “Quad Rugby” evolved from the sport of “Murderball” created in Canada in 1977, and was made famous by the 2005 movie with the same name. The United States’ name “Quad Rugby” is based on the fact that all wheelchair rugby players need to have disabilities that include at least some loss of function in at least three limbs—most are medically classified as quadriplegic. Wheelchair rugby is played by two teams of up to twelve players, with four players from each team on the court at any time. It is a mixed gender sport, and both male and female athletes can play on the same teams. Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, hand ball and rugby. It is a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game.

“The hit’s not real unless it bends steel!”

If you have never seen or covered a Wheelchair Rugby tournament, you are in for a treat. These players are elite athletes and serious competitors, and it’s an exciting, physical, and fun game.

This weekend the Denver Harlequins Wheelchair Rugby Club, Denver Harlequins Rugby Club, Craig Hospital and the City of Englewood will host a world-class Wheelchair Rugby Tournament at Englewood High School, featuring five of the finest teams in the world. More than 60 wheelchair athletes (including two who won Bronze Medals for the U.S. Paralympic Team in London) will be competing from:

  • University of Arizona Wildcats
  • Tampa Generals
  • Northridge, CA. Knights
  • Las Vegas Renegades
  • Denver Harlequins A&B Teams

In particular, Jason Regier, who did his rehab at Craig 16 years ago, is the captain of the Denver Harlequins team, won a Gold Medal with the U.S. Team in Beijing and a Bronze Medal in London, and is on Craig Hospital’s Board of Directors. For more informaton, contact Jason Regier, Denver Harlequins Wheelchair Rugby Club

Saturday, February 9 9:00 am
* Sunday February 10 1:30 pm

Where:Englewood High School Gymnasium, 3800 S Logan St, Englewood, CO 80113

Round robin tournament- 15 total games total, first game is Saturday at 9:00, last game is Sunday at 12:30 pm Denver Harlequins vs Tampa Generals. Games are high scoring, and each game is approximately one hour long.

Admission Fee:NONE- The tourney is open to the public and donations to the Denver Harlequins Club are encouraged. This tournament was encouraged by Mayor Randy Penn of Englewood, who at his City Council Meeting in October honored two of the Colorado’s Wheelchair Rugby players who won Bronze Medals for the U.S. Team in the London Paralympic games.

About the Denver Harlequins Rugby Football Club

Since 1970 the “Quins” have enjoyed a strong following from past and present players in the Denver area. Being located in on the most competitive rugby communities in the United States, the Harlequins are fortunate to be involved in Division II, Youth and High School Rugby, Quad Rugby and Womens Rugby as well as unique tournaments and matches. For more information contact Tom Vyles, President at or 303.634.4240 or

About the Denver Harlequins Wheelchair Rugby Club

The Denver Quad Rugby Club was founded in 1993 and joined the Harlequins in 1999. This year the Club celebrates its 20th birthday! For many years the Harlequins have been one of the finest teams in the U.S. and has contributed several players to the U.S. Team in the Beijing and London Paralympic games. For more information contact Ron Bolseth at or 303.994.1765