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Occupational Therapy Month: Honoring Carol Knutson

April 30, 2015

Occupational Therapists can be described as engineers of the human body. By developing unique and adaptive tools, they are able to minimize a person’s limitations by utilizing the abilities that are available. The profession revolves around evaluating and improving a person's unique abilities.

As one of forty-five occupational therapists at Craig Hospital, Carol Knutson is part of a strong team who enjoys putting others' needs first. Carol enters her 40th season here at Craig and plans on retiring this fall. Throughout her career Carol has held several positions, from being Physical Occupational Therapist (POT) to working on the first brain injury team. Carol has tried to leave Craig Hospital TWICE, leaving for California and Hawaii. Yet she kept returning to Craig because she believed there was no better place to work nor a better place where she could offer her services to people with spinal cord injuries.

It's no surprise that the technology boom hasn’t just made our computers or cell phones work faster. The more prevalent and specialized technology has become integrated into daily living, especially for those who need assistance. From diagnostic tools detailing the shortfalls a person may experience, to how they live in everyday life, to the ease of living has been created through various technological feats. Technology has also been a very beneficial factor in the field of occupational therapy, describes Carol: “For OT’s we are always trying to make up for loss of movement and there is nothing more efficient at it then technology."

Yet the real feat is being able to learn from the patients/clients themselves. "I’d have to say even more than technology is learning from our patients, our clients that have taught us to be the best that we can be,” says Carol. It’s this mentality that will allow further advancements in the occupational therapy field, and why we pay tribute to our amazing Occupational Therapy team. Hopefully we can count on Carol pulling a Brett Favre and coming out of retirement and returning to Craig Hospital!

I’ve wanted to work in outpatient for a long time because people have reentered their lives and they’ve come back. It’s past a catastrophic adjustment. They know what they need or we help them figure out what they need. We get it done and we get them back into their lives in a better place and pace.

Carol Knutson, Occupational Therapist at Craig Hospital