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Ralph Anhold – The Comeback

September 10, 2011

A seasoned biker, Ralph Anhold was descending Squaw Pass in July of 2010 with two of his long-time biking friends. He doesn’t remember exactly what happened. He may have fainted while on his bike, descending the final four miles of the highway near Bergen Park. His friends became his memory for that day. He crashed at the bend in the road, just 4 miles from highway 74 near Bergen Park. He was taken to St. Anthony’s and was eventually transferred to Craig.

“During my recovery I thought I was thinking clearly, I thought I was logical, but now in hindsight, looking back, I realize how much this brain injury affected my mind. I wasn’t able to think like I do now. My family thought the dad prior to the accident was dead. They needed as much support as I did. It’s initially hard for family and friends to understand and connect with a TBI patient. But luckily, I’m back, thanks to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, the support of my family, and Craig.

I was finally approved a couple of weeks ago for my first public ride since my accident. Jam the Damz is my goal. I’ve worked hard to come back and I think I’m there. I want to get my buddies out there so they can see that I’m okay!

My team is iBrainTrain – I don’t know what “I” stands for…like in iPad, iTunes. So why not iBrainTrain? I have kept the team closed to just people I contact so far, but if my friends don’t start joining, iWillBrainTrainAnyone! Jam the Damz. September 24 – that date is my comeback.”

Join us! September 24, 2011 at Clement Park in Colorado. For more information or to register, go to

Funds raised will benefit Craig Hospital, Adaptive Adventures and U.S. Handcycling.