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Siblings graduate from Craig nearly two decades apart

March 03, 2015

Brothers Will and Edwin Lachenauer, who are just under two years apart in age, each found themselves at Craig Hospital after sports-related accidents separated by 16 years. Edwin injured his spine in a skiing accident in 1992. He considers himself “incredibly lucky” that his injuries weren’t more severe and that his stay at Craig Hospital lasted only two weeks. “It was way less intense and involved than it could have been,” he says, noting that his brother Will is “the amazing one.”

During a motocross race in 2008, Will had a spinal cord injury that resulted in complete paralysis below the chest. He recalls going off the track at 35 to 40 mph “headfirst into a pile of granite.”

Assistance provided by the Patient Assistance Fund enabled him to test his ability to care for himself in a Craig Hospital apartment before returning home to his family.

“I got home in the last week of July. Within 10 days I was in a car and traveling for work. My wife was due with our

second daughter in September. There’s no way I would have been able to handle what I came back home to in the condition I was in without Craig,” he says.

Today, Will, 43, lives in Reno with his wife and two young daughters. He runs a sales agency that specializes in winter and action sports gear and is pursuing a Paralympic Gold medal as a member of the U.S. Paracycling Team.

Edwin, 42, lives in Denver, where he works in real estate. And, he still skis.

Uncle marks milestone birthday by encouraging giving to Patient Assistance Fund

Jay Williamson celebrated his 50th birthday last May by biking 50 miles with family and making a contribution to Craig Hospital’s Patient Assistance Fund. He asked friends to donate to the “Will to Win” to pay homage to his nephews, Craig graduates Will and Edwin (“Win”) Lachenauer.

In his message to friends, Williamson wrote, “To say that Craig is a good hospital is … insufficient. Everyone there is all in. To face daily the emotional challenges of people with a life changing injury, the health issues, the practical issues-with love, kindness and capacity-is nothing short of heroic.”

The Patient Assistance Fund provides nearly $900,000 in direct assistance for non-medical expenses.

Celebrate your birthday with Craig Hospital

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary or other special event? Consider asking your family and friends to make a gift to the Craig Hospital Foundation in your honor. Foundation staff members can help you set up a special donation website that you can share with your loved ones. You can choose to have funds designated to a variety of different funds.

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