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Team Tanner 424 Unites to Raise Money for Craig in Honor of TBI Grad

April 02, 2019

It all started with this Facebook post. In anticipation and celebration of the birthday of her boyfriend, Tanner, Robyn Davis launched a fundraising page on

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

This has always been one of my favorite quotes and is where my passion for helping others and giving back stems. But another huge motivation in my life is the selflessness that Tanner has shown me. He is kind, humble, loyal, slow to anger and always puts his friends and family before himself.

This year, I’ve decided to give back to the place that gave so much to him, Craig Hospital. Craig is where Tanner spent many months recovering from his dirt bike accident – learning how to live with a (TBI). Because Tanner isn’t big on material things, for his birthday I’ve decided his gift will be a donation to Craig Hospital in his “Team Tanner 424” name.

My ambitious goal is to fundraise $1,000. Please consider donating and helping me make this gift possible by giving online. Every dollar counts, and I sincerely appreciate any donation made. This is a secret, so if you would like to share this post to help me spread the word, be sure to change the post settings so that it is hidden from Tanner!

Over the months, Robyn shared her effort on social media. People gave. Robyn posted fundraising updates. People gave more. She showered people with appreciation and was genuinely humbled by the strength and generosity of her community. In one of her posts, Robyn shared, “I know this is a gift for Tanner, but I must say, this experience has been a gift for me too. Everyone’s support has been amazing, and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Because of the success of her fundraiser, Robyn decided to surprise Tanner a month early, on the six-year anniversary of his wreck, with the donations made in his Team Tanner 424 name. She put together a book about her fundraising journey and included Facebook posts, pictures, the fundraising total and a list of donors. Tanner was thrilled and honored by this celebration.

Robyn and Tanner’s community came together, with over 40 people donating more than $3,100 to Craig’s Culture of Care programs – programs that are not covered by insurance but are critical to rehabilitation success.

The Craig Foundation is honored by the passion of Robyn and so many other peer-to-peer fundraisers who choose to give back to Craig in this way. For more information about how YOU can fundraise for Craig, visit or contact Becky Plunkett at

Fundraising was so simple. I set up a team page, then shared it on my Facebook for a few months. The support of our friends and family was remarkable. I sincerely believe hosting the fundraiser gave everyone the opportunity to thank Craig for all that they did in his rehabilitation. Craig saved Tanner’s life, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Robyn Davis