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Uncommon Bravery: One Family's Experience with Rehabilitation after TBI

March 16, 2016

"He had no muscle left. With the brain injury he had no idea how to use those muscles anymore,” said Tracey Quitmeyer, Q’s mom.

Quinten “Q” Quitmeyer, 21, sustained a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a drunk driver on October 30, 2015. His friend Troy was killed.

"His biggest challenge was holding himself up and getting stronger. He couldn’t sit up, he couldn’t hold his head up, he couldn’t do really anything for himself."

Over the last few months, Q’s family worked closely with their interdisciplinary team at Craig Hospital, made up of a physician, nurses, therapists, and nurse techs.

For Christmas, Q’s father wrote the following poem for Craig staff.

Q is now at home with his beloved dog Blu working on outpatient brain injury therapy. He hopes to pursue his dreams of becoming a DJ.

Tracey Quitmeyer reads the poem her husband Magnus Quitmeyer wrote for the staff at Craig Hospital in December 2015.

Uncommon Bravery

As I look around this place
Multiple broken bodies I see
In a wheelchair and a neck brace
I wonder how they came to be

I see families in tow
Pushing chairs, brave faces on
Outcomes, and futures, don’t know
The lives they’ve known, gone

Tragic stories unnumbered
Bodies once free to move
Now broken and encumbered
Former lives gone, I disapprove!

How will we continue forward?
Can this really be our life?
Our family being tortured?
No one can live with this strife.

In the darkest of places
I perceive a distant light
Behind it, beautiful faces
Far away, almost out of sight

The harder I look at these
Hope seems somewhat possible
I feel a positive joyful breeze
Wait, isn’t this a hospital?

I rub my eyes trying to see
Who is this happy crew
Fighting their way to me
Don’t worry, we’ll help you

They are doctors and nurses
Plain clothes they wear
To soften our defenses
And battle our despair

There are techs and aides
Services and food supplied
And people of all trades
Who came together to guide

Lives need rebuilding
So forward into the fray
Warriors of love unyielding
Fighting to make a way

The thanks We give, not enough
To repay the love that you show
Sometimes you make it tough
But its onward and upward we go

Craig Hospital is this place
Where love and healing abound
Negativity, not even a trace
Uncommon Bravery all around.

Words are not enough
For the gratitude we have.

The Quitmeyer Clan