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Words of Wednesday: Dedication

March 04, 2015

"Almost 16 years ago a tragedy threw my family into the arms of Craig. And the community and family of Craig Hospital embraced us, showed us compassion, and dedication. These became our building blocks. And without that foundation provided by Craig, our family would not be where we are today. On behalf of my entire family, thank you Craig Hospital."

Dedication: A feeling of very strong support or loyalty to someone or something; the quality or state of being committed to a person, group, cause, etc...

What do you think of when you hear the word dedication? I think of the constant flow of family, friends, and hospital staff that would show up at the Two East Gym and the Friendship House to give their support. Dedication is the group of people that came together to celebrate my brother’s 18th birthday party as he walked into the basement cafeteria, rainbow gait belt and all. What other hospital would allow its patients to transform a cafeteria into a birthday party for a teenage takeover?

I think of my brother pushing day after day, fighting to get his life back. I see him walking into his high school followed by his class mates, walking across the stage at his graduation, walking down the aisle with his wife, and walking around his home as he rocks his baby girl to sleep.

This is the image of dedication. The dedication from my Craig family and that of my brother. That dedication was infectious, so infectious that it became engrained as a part of who I am and fuels my passion to continue to be a part of the Craig Family and help patients like my brother.