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Words of Wednesday: Love

February 18, 2015

Let me introduce us. Hi, I'm Angela and the gentleman is Jason (my husband). We were married October 18, 2013. We have known each other for 5 ½ years. We started dating November 2009. I fell in love with him shortly after that. :)

In the spirit of love for Valentine’s Day we were asked to think of a date that stood out more then others. We chose the day after our first kiss. I had to complete and prepare for a project taking place overseas, so I decided to go to the Tattered Cover and get some work done. Jason called and wanted to meet up. Side-note: during this photo shoot a couple of weeks ago I found out that Jason was really excited that I read books when I asked him to come to the Tattered Cover (one thing he could check off his list) - phew!

Anyways, he came and now I'll let our narrations help you experience the nerve racking time in a relationship when you're not even in a relationship but you don't want to do anything embarrassing because you would really like to be in one with this person.

Me (Angela): Eeek! I'm so nervous to see him. Do I look ok? I think last night went well, but I hope he feels the same way today.

Me (Angela): He's going to think I'm a total nerd, but I really need to get this done!

Jason: Is she really trying to pretend like she's studying after being out late last night?

Me (Angela): "Ok, I really do need to work on this…but he's so cute!"

Jason: "What do you know, she's in my lap."

Jason: We're in public, behave yourself lady.

Me (Angela): He's so handsome…and much more exciting than this book.

Jason: Hey, how you doing?

Me (Angela): I give up! So much for accomplishing anything today...besides hanging with him. :)

Jason: "Let's roll baby."

Me (Angela): "I think that went ok…I'm so nervous (and tired…and stressed about this project)…I hope he doesn't think I'm lame."

Jason: Hey, a kiss when we're both sober, she might like me.

Me (Angela): Ok, that just really happened! Yay!

Jason: I will definitely be seeing you later.

Me (Angela): I think that went ok! Now we will see if he calls me...