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Advance Your Nursing Career

When you join the staff at Craig Hospital, you have the opportunity to participate and grow through continuing education and professional development. We encourage you to become active in local and national professional organizations, thereby expanding your professional network. Each year we sponsor several nurses at national conventions and local professional nursing organization chapter activities. We also encourage our staff to share their expertise with others in the rehabilitation and neuroscience fields. We have supported staff in presenting topics at national conferences, as well as sending nurses to national and international locations to share our nursing expertise. We strongly believe in the benefits of continuing education. To that end, we offer ongoing in-services, education leave, and tuition reimbursement.

Specialty Certification Differential

Craig values the expertise specialty trained nurses contribute to our programs. Advanced education and knowledge are rewarded for those nurses obtaining their specialty certification in relevant areas such as CRRN (Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse) and CNRN (Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse). These certifications are financially rewarded with a 5% pay differential.

Clinical Promotion Program

Craig Hospital encourages the best and the brightest of our nurses to stay at the bedside where our patients truly benefit from their knowledge and experience. To reward nurses and encourage continued clinical practice we support a professional ladder program for RN's with the potential to earn an additional 5% pay differential. Nurses participate in a variety of professional, educational and community activities to maintain their clinical promotion status.

We also offer clinical advancement opportunities for our rehab techs (CNA's). The rehab tech II position provides additional opportunities for rehab techs to earn additional differential pay and continue to work in a clinical role with patients. These advanced roles for rehab techs also provide the opportunity to learn and practice advanced clinical skills and provide leadership to the rehab tech staff.

Preceptor Dollars

We value the contribution our employees make to the development of new staff. To support this contribution, we pay a preceptor differential to those dedicated employees who share their time, knowledge and skills with new employees.

Shared Governance

The Craig Nursing Program is managed through a shared governance model. As an employee of the nursing department at Craig, you will be a member of the Professional Nursing Alliance, which is governed by the Nursing Practice Council (NPC). The NPC is chaired by the president of the NPC who is a staff nurse elected by their peers. There are four key working committees of the NPC: professional development, evidence based practice and research, workforce development and professional clinical practice. These committees and the NPC are the decision making structures for professional nursing practice.