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Intern Orientation

To help you optimize your internship at Craig Hospital, we offer Intern Orientation for all students. This is an opportunity for you to learn about how Craig operates and best support you as you embark on your educational endeavor here.

This website orientation is intended for use by students interning at Craig Hospital. All information presented is the property of Craig Hospital and cannot be reproduced without permission. This orientation is general and meant to give you an overview of Craig Hospital and provide links to specific information for your review. Several policies/procedures are linked also that you are required to review. These documents can be identified by the adobe reader icon and need to be read using the acrobat reader which is available as a free download from Adobe. Further departmental orientation will be provided on your first day. At that time you will be required to sign a document stating you reviewed and understand the website orientation information. Review of the online orientation and completion of the in-house orientation are mandatory for participation of an internship at Craig Hospital.

General Information

Craig Hospital is a world-renowned hospital and research center specialized in the care of people who have sustained a spinal cord and/or a brain injury. An interdisciplinary team cares for the patients at Craig Hospital and includes Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory, Therapeutic Recreation, Nutrition Services, Neuropsychology, Psychology, Family Services and Outpatient Services.

Mission Statement

Craig advocates for and provides exceptional patient and family centered care for those affected by spinal cord and brain injury. Together we bravely strive for optimal health, independence, and life quality with unyielding determination.

Core Values

  • Foster independence through education and experiences
  • Encourage peer support
  • Develop a family atmosphere where caring for others is shared
  • Embrace a culture of safety
  • Put fun into the process of rehabilitation
  • Advance rehabilitation through research
  • Enhance life quality through advocacy and education
  • Promote ethics and integrity in all that we do

Vision Statement

Craig will be recognized internationally as a leader in providing innovative rehabilitation and health care services through an interdisciplinary team approach focused on delivering exceptional life quality and independence outcomes for people affected by spinal cord and brain injury.


Craig Hospital follows and takes seriously the HIPAA regulations regarding confidentiality and security of patient information. All information you learn while at Craig Hospital is confidential and cannot be discussed or shared with anyone. No patient information can ever be placed in the trash; Shred-it bins are available at each nursing station to place patient information in and in your specific department. When completing your required paperwork for school, never include the patient name, initials or any other identifying information. You may refer to the patient as "patient," "patient A" or an alias such as "Bob."

If you need to email an assignment, do so from your school account, not your personal email as it will not have enough security to protect the confidential patient and/or student information. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting your clinical rotation. If you did not complete the Craig-approved HIPAA education at your respective school, you will be required to complete a HIPAA education module on your first day.

Team Philosophy

Each patient has an interdisciplinary treatment team who specializes in spinal cord or traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Through a collaborative team effort, they are able to focus on each patient’s abilities and functional adaptation to disability and provide the patient with a specialized treatment plan. Care and support are provided for the patient’s family as well.

Dress Code

Please dress in business casual for your first clinical day/orientation day. Our staff dress casually and do not typically wear scrubs or uniforms. You are encouraged to dress comfortably yet look professional. The following is a list of items clinical staff may not wear:

  1. Short Shorts - Shorts should be at least mid-thigh. Biking shorts may not be worn
  2. Sweatpants
  3. Open-toed shoes or sandals
  4. Tank tops or any shirt exposing the under arm area
  5. Low-cut and/or tight fitting shirts
  6. Low-waist pants or jeans exposing your abdomen or back
  7. Short shirts exposing your abdomen or back
  8. Artificial nails of any kind. Nails must be trimmed short. Nail polish is allowed, but must have no chips
  9. Tattoos must be covered up with clothing or a bandage
  10. Facial piercings are limited to one stud in each ear, please remove all other piercings
  11. No perfume or cologne

Policies & General Information

Occupational Health

Standard Precautions

You are expected to follow Standard Precautions at all times. Sinks are available in every patient room and alcohol hand sanitizer is readily available. All Craig Hospital patients require Standard Precautions, whether or not they have a diagnosed infectious disease. Assume that every patient is infectious and use appropriate hand hygiene and barrier precautions. Patients at Craig Hospital infected and/or colonized with antibiotic resistant organisms such as MRSA, VRE and Clostridium difficile are managed based on this philosophy. Hospital Associated rates for these microorganisms are closely monitored and have remained low. The key to success is staff compliance.

HIPAA/Corporate Compliance

Safety/Fire Procedures

Because of our patient population, we take fire safety very seriously. Quick response is critical and must be automatic. You are fortunate to work in a facility with fireproof construction and state of the art smoke detection that is fully sprinklered. However, even small fires can be fatal. It is important for you to know Craig Hospital’s policy and procedure. & Upon discovering a fire:

R – Remove occupants

A – Activate the alarm

C – Contain fire by closing doors

E – Extinguish, if possible

You will be trained specific to your department regarding your part. If you have any questions, please contact your department director or the Director of Engineering at ext. 8576.


For information on employment at Craig Hospital, please contact:
Suzie Szaltzer
Healthcare Recruiter

Welcome to Craig Hospital! We look forward to having you as part of the team during your internship here.