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2021 Ron Don Ho Memorial Golf Classic

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Join the RONALD JAMES WOODS FOUNDATION for a golf tournament to benefit Craig Hospital.

"Craig Hospital does not just rehabilitate the body, but more importantly, the mind and spirit. In the midst of a life changing tragedy such as a spinal cord injury (SCI), it can be hard to imagine that you will ever be able to experience joy in life again. Immediately following Ron's accident, we knew our lives had changed forever and thought that also meant the end of happy times. In the time Ron spent at Craig, they taught us that just because life looks different, that doesn't mean the end of joy. In the twenty-two months Ron lived after his accident, it was with the support and education from the staff at Craig that we found news ways to enjoy life together as a family. They gave us as family the tools to help Ron experience the best quality of life following and SCI and this is why the Ronald James Woods Foundation is so proud to support Craig Hospital." ~The Woods Family

Additional details about the tournament will be updated as they become available.