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Facebook Group Disclaimer

Craig Hospital Peer Mentor Facebook Group Disclaimer Statement Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Welcome to the Craig Hospital Peer Mentor Facebook Group. This group is administered by Craig Hospital’s Peer Mentor staff (periodically during business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for the purpose of providing a safe online space where Craig Hospital patients with spinal cord and/or brain injury, Craig grads, their families and caregivers can connect with and support one another along their rehabilitation journey.

This group is set up as a Facebook "closed" group, which means anyone can find the group and see who runs it but only members can see who’s in it and what they post. Non-members cannot join without permission and cannot see what group members post.

Before a request to join is approved, you will be sent a few questions which help us ensure that we are creating a supportive environment that best meets the needs of our community.

Craig Hospital is not responsible for any of the information which is posted in the Craig Hospital Peer Mentor Facebook group. We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years for joining our Facebook group.

For additional information or questions, please e-mail

Please adhere to the following terms of use when participating in conversation on this page. If you do not wish to abide by these terms, please exit the site and remove yourself from the group list:

Emergency Services: Although this site is periodically monitored by Craig Hospital Peer Mentor Staff, it is not monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and emergency support is not available through this site. If you are experiencing an emergency, life threatening situation, feeling suicidal or homicidal, or are aware of dependent adult abuse, immediately call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Medical Advice: Specific medical advice can only be provided by a physician. If you have specific questions concerning your health or medical status, please consult your personal physician. Be aware that opinions which are expressed are those of the users of the Forum, and do not represent any advice, or opinion of Craig Hospital, or any qualified medical professional. Any recommendation or other information within the group which is followed by you is at your own risk. Craig Hospital does not take any responsibility for content posted and gives no endorsement of such material.

You acknowledge that treatment or medicine of any kind may be discussed from your own personal experience, but the Craig Hospital Facebook group is not the place to recommend or prescribe it to others.

Craig Hospital may not support or validate any medical claims or evidence discussed within the forum. Complementary therapies may not necessarily have registered bodies in the United States, and those who practice a therapy where there is a body, may not be registered with it. The treatments and medicines referred to by members outside the United States may not be available in the United States, and those referred to by members within the United States may not be available to other members in the United States.

Privacy and Security: By its very nature, a social media site such as this cannot be considered private or secure. You must take appropriate steps to protect your personal information on the Web and on any social media site.

Personal Health Information: No one may use or disclose any member/patient identifiable information (except their own) of any kind on any social media without the expressed written permission of the member/patient. Even if an individual is not identified by name within the information you wish to use or disclose, if there is a reasonable basis to believe that the person could still be identified from that information, then its use or disclosure could constitute a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Craig Hospital’s Corporate Compliance and Confidentiality Policy. Content that includes personal health information that is not your own, cannot be posted to this group. To protect the privacy of both patients and families, Craig Hospital adheres to established protocol that guides patient-family communications. As this Facebook group is an online communication forum for Craig Hospital patients, graduates and families only, Craig Hospital will maintain its Facebook group in accordance with the Correspondence Policy and Direct Contact Policy, as well as Facebook's terms of use and rules.

Proprietary Information: Facebook Group Members may not disclose any confidential or proprietary information of or about Craig Hospital, its affiliates, vendors, or suppliers, including but not limited to business and financial information, represent that they are communicating the views of Craig Hospital, or do anything that might reasonably create the impression that they are communicating on behalf of or as a representative of Craig Hospital.

Removal of Content: Craig Hospital reserves the right to remove any posted message at its sole discretion for any reason we feel fit. This reservation of right to delete messages does not mean that Craig Hospital takes any responsibility for the information contained within the Forum, nor for content in private messages exchanged between members. No failure to remove particular material constitutes an endorsement or acceptance of it by us. Anyone who continues to disregard these guidelines will be blocked from the site.

Non-Solicitation and Third-Party Advertising: Third party advertising and solicitation is forbidden. Those who violate will be removed from the group.

Copyright/Trademark: Only post, upload or transmit content that you have copyrighted or have permission to post from the original source.

Self-Hosted Sites: Facebook group members must not say or suggest that the views and opinions they express related to Craig Hospital and related to health care topics represent the official views of Craig Hospital.

Non-Solicitation/Third-Party Advertising/Products and Endorsements: We do not allow any posts that are considered endorsements of products or services or third-party advertising. Additionally, users should not use this site to solicit contributions. Thank you for visiting and supporting our page. If you have comments or suggestions, please send us a private message.