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Build a Room at Craig Hospital

Last year, Craig Hospital's Outpatient Clinic served more than 1,400 outpatients with spinal cord and brain injury. The Clinic's wait list is growing, and we need to expand the clinic space in order to serve more patients and increase our quality of care. We need your help to do this!

Learn how Craig's Outpatient Clinic helped Ashlee

After an unpleasant experience in a rehabilitation facility in Indiana, Ash...

Together, we can build a better Craig Hospital--a Craig Hospital that echoes our values of being patient-centered, family-oriented, and on the cusp of new technologies for patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. Today, we have the opportunity to collectively build a private consultation room in Craig Hospital's Outpatient Clinic. Our expanded Outpatient Clinic will:

  • Double in size, increasing the capacity to serve our friends, family, neighbors,and colleagues. More people will be able to access our specialized services for people with brain and spinal cord injury, allowing us to serve the community better.
  • Increase in quality of care as we build more private consultation and therapy spaces that allow for patients and families to rehabilitate together.
  • Express the magnitude of what contributors will help you achieve.

Today, your gift will be doubled, up to $50,000, thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match from an anonymous donor who is a recipient of Craig Hospital's Outpatient Clinic Services.