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Craig's Culture of Care

Craig’s mission is to provide exceptional patient and family centered care for those affected by spinal cord and brain injuries throughout their lifetimes, striving with them for optimal health, independence and life quality. To achieve this mission, Craig goes well beyond the therapy and medical care covered by insurance to provide a range of programs that make the future of rehabilitation available to our patients today. To prepare patients and families for independence, we bring the real world to Craig and take Craig to the real world. As a result, Craig patients achieve world class outcomes on measures such as lifetime costs for medical care, re-hospitalization, return to school and work, and the amount of attendant care required.

Culture of Care Program Overview

While life-changing, these innovative and interdisciplinary programs are not covered by insurance or are reimbursed by insurance at a minimal level. They are available to Craig patients only through the commitment of Craig and the generosity and compassion of donors. We need to raise $2 million a year to this end. That makes you an indispensable partner in achieving Craig’s mission.

Your gift to Craig’s Culture of Care fund will directly shape the trajectory of our patients’ futures, sparking hope, opportunity and empowerment in the lives of those affected by spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

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"The experience of Craig is that it's not only medical, it's not only rehabilitation, it's this universe of possibilities."

Doug Fryendendlund, Craig grad