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Craig Endowed Chair of Research

Organizations like Craig establish Endowed Research Chairs to attract outstanding scientists, enhance the quality of research activities, and give donors the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to the institution.

When an Endowed Chair is established, a permanent fund is established with gifts from one or more donors. These funds are invested, and the annual investment earnings are used at the discretion of the Endowed Chair for the good of the department. The principal in the fund remains untouched, thus providing a perpetual source of funding.

For four decades, Craig’s Research Department has made innovative and cutting-edge contributions to research impacting those living with spinal cord and brain injuries. In order to continue to excel in these areas, it is crucial the Craig Research Department has a stable source of funding to recruit, retain, and support the best minds, the most-creative researchers, and the most-engaged staff.

As always, Craig’s utmost priority is providing the most meaningful impact in the lives of our patients and their families. An Endowed Chair of Research will provide a wide variety of benefits:

  • To Patients and Families: Endowment funding will enable the research team to advance ideas and make discoveries that lead to better treatments and new technology to benefit all of us—both now and in the future. Craig clinicians take what they learn through studies and apply that learning immediately to enhance functional capabilities and increase the quality of life for our patients. While it can often take other facilities 17 years or more to bring an idea to practice, Craig is able to take our learnings to the patients immediately.
  • To Craig: Endowment funds will help us share our work, enable our scientists to travel to present their findings and create opportunities for collaboration with researchers and staff around the world. Funding will allow us to maintain our “seat at the table” and elevate Craig’s reputation as a leader in the field of rehabilitation.
  • To the Staff: The investment would guarantee funds to push the frontiers of our work. The funds could establish a post-doctoral fellowship program to grow the next generation of scientists, propel specific research goals, and pay for other needed resources. Clinicians at Craig-even those practicing outside of the Research Department—have the opportunity to participate and learn from the real world of innovation and discovery.etc.).


Charitable support of the Endowed Chair for Research is critical to sustaining Craig’s reputation as a leader in quality, research, and innovation.

By supporting the establishment of the Craig Endowed Chair for Research, you become part of the permanent fabric of this renowned institution, providing gifted and prolific scientists with an unending source of support for their important work.

You will contribute to the pursuit and discovery of scientific findings that will empower the lives of individuals who have sustained spinal cord and brain injuries, nurture outstanding researchers, and leave a lasting legacy.

Naming opportunities are available for gifts of $1,000,020 or more, and gifts of $250 or more may entitle you to a 25 percent tax credit through the Enterprise Zone program.