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Expanding Campus Housing

Anticipated Strategic Initiative

How Might We Galvanize the Craig Community by Housing All Families on the Craig Campus?

At Craig, families actively participate in every step of the healing journey. Unlike in most healthcare settings, our patients’ caregivers (family, friends, and other supporters) are an integral part of the care team during the inpatient stay and long afterward. They play a vital role in patients’ success as they move from Craig to the community, and in Craig’s mission to help people with SCI and BI achieve the highest degree of independence possible.

Currently, we offer limited family housing on campus, while also leasing hotel rooms and housing units throughout the Denver metro area to meet additional needs. However, being on campus makes a tremendous difference for patients’ families. When caregivers live at Craig during patients’ stay, they benefit more fully from the education, training, and practice that we offer, enabling them to build confidence in caring for the needs of their loved one after discharge. They also become fully integrated into a community of caregivers who support and learn from each other – a caring community that extends across the nation, far beyond the Craig campus. The mutual support within this community motivates both patients to do more, reach farther, dream bigger.

To strengthen this community and keep it together as Craig increases the number of patients served, we must expand and offer additional patient and family housing on campus to enable families to participate fully in their loved ones’ rehabilitation. We envision an expanded and modern Patient & Family Housing Program that blends ambience and functionality. Imagine birthday parties, celebration of therapeutic milestones, education for caregivers, and reunions for graduates returning to Craig for annual evaluations.