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Spread Hope for Craig Patients this Holiday Season

Craig goes well beyond the therapy and medical care covered by insurance to provide a range of programs that empower the lives of our patients. We are able to do this because of the generosity of donors like you.

Philanthropy powers programs like Therapeutic Recreation, the Nurse Advice Line and the School Program. Donations assist patients in purchasing vital medical equipment that is not reimbursed by insurance, modifying their homes to be accessible and allowing family members to stay on campus to be in rehab with their loved ones. Generosity facilitates clinical and medical research and purchases therapy and gym equipment. The list goes on.


When you’re at the end of the road and if you think there is nowhere else to go, Craig’s doors are always open. Without the donations, there is no way I would have the life that I live now.  I wouldn’t even know the meaning of life.

Craig Grad, Jon Plaszcz. Watch Jon's story below.

Because of generous people like YOU, patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries can push themselves in their rehabilitation with unyielding determination and move forward to live fulfilling lives following their injuries. 


Meet Jon Plaszcz: A Craig Story

Now a Craig graduate, we see Jon Plaszcz regularly wheeling through the Cra...