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Crowdfund for Craig through

Do It Yourself crowdfunding through Team Craig, Craig's online platform, is an exciting way for you to make an impact by raising funds, your way. The options are endless. The key is to find an event or activity that you are passionate about and that you think your friends, family and colleagues will support.

What type of fundraiser can I create?

Whatever suits your personal style! Here are some ideas:

  • Athletics - Participate in a tournament or event as a roller, stroller, runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc.
  • Milestones & Special Occassions - Donate your birthday, wedding, baby shower, graduation date to the cause and collect donations!
  • Holidays– Ask for donations in lieu of gifts
  • Be Creative – Engage in a type of activity that you would like to do.

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In-person events planned by community groups and individuals are a vital source of funds for the Craig Foundation. Consider hosting an event to raise awareness and funds for a Craig program, or to honor a friend, neighbor, or family member who has received care at Craig.

If you’re interested in hosting an in-person event to benefit Craig, review the Community Partner Event Guidelines, then complete the event application form (PDF) and contact Caroline Craven at 303-789-8919, Once we receive your application, we will evaluate your event proposal for its appropriateness and benefit to Craig Hospital.