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Research Studies: Advancing the Field and Driving Innovation

Craig is one of a few SCI and TBI centers that conduct in-house clinical research studies. Over the years, studies at Craig have helped shape new and more effective drug, cellular, surgical and rehabilitation-based treatments.

Members of Craig’s Research Department present extensively at national and international conferences and author journal articles and book chapters that contribute to the field. They provide leadership to professional organizations including the American Spinal Injury Association, Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, American Society of Neurorehabilitation and North American Brain Injury Society.


The Research Department increasingly collaborates with local, national and international institutions to explore new rehabilitation interventions, cellular-based cures and surgical interventions to improve the lives of individuals living with SCI or TBI. Local collaborators include the University of Colorado (Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), University of Denver, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the state TBI Trust Fund. At the national level, we collaborate with other Model Systems Centers, other SCI and TBI researchers, foundations, corporations and organizations with whom we share similar goals. We present at global conferences and participate in an ongoing international study comparing outcomes of individuals with TBI with researchers in Australia. Dr. Falci worked with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden on the surgical implantation of cells.