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JW Stamison, GE Johnson Construction Company

Location, Denver, CO

GE Johnson Construction Company has been honored to work with Craig Hospital for many years on the hospital’s major expansion and renovation projects. The relationship that we have developed is one of a true family - it is reciprocal and without barriers, and it runs across all levels of our organizations, from management to the workers in the field.

Craig is special because of the quality of the people involved with the organization. The tremendous average tenure of Craig employees and leadership speaks to both Craig’s culture and the viability of their mission. When we truly became connected with Craig, we couldn’t help but become involved at an elevated level.

GE Johnson chooses to give back to Craig Hospital because it is providing possibilities for people very few in the world can - and doing it from a nonprofit platform. Craig is a part of something larger than itself every day and provides a new definition to terms like drive, humility, inspiration, achievement and selflessness.

We know that the dollars we give are in good hands, as Craig is an excellent steward of donations. Through our giving, we get to help empower people’s lives and help Craig patients achieve the “impossible.”