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Jim and Yvonne French

We first heard about Craig when we were living in southwestern Colorado following our retirements. The son of a friend sustained a traumatic brain injury and rehabilitated at Craig Hospital. Another acquaintance was also helped by Craig following an injury.

After our careers in law enforcement and the legal field, we were slightly cynical and skeptical about humanity—and even many nonprofit organizations. But we knew that individuals who sustained catastrophic injuries like these needed our help. We came to Englewood, took a tour of Craig, and decided to become quarterly donors.

Over the years we have given to the areas of greatest need at Craig, as well as to the Patient Assistance Funds and the capital construction project. We currently support Craig’s Community Reintegration program, which helps graduates return to their work, schools or communities.

We have also joined the Frank Craig Society and have included Craig in our estate plans. We don’t have a close family, so we like knowing that our assets will go to an organization we feel comfortable with. We can see the results of our philanthropy in the stories of the people who are helped. We feel good about our giving and knowing that we can do a little something to help alleviate the pain of people who are going through tough situations.

If you’re ever driving through Larimer County and you catch a glimpse of a car proudly displaying Craig license plates … be sure to give us a wave!