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High school patients who are recovering from a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury have a unique concern: homework.

Keeping up with their schoolwork, at least in one class, can help youths feel connected to their lives and on track with their plans. For approximately 15 years, the donor-funded Craig School Program has helped high school students with their studies while they’re in the hospital rehabilitating. Gifts to the School program help pay for the teacher, supplies, computer technologies, graduation parties, and other program needs.

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While at Craig and participating in individual rehab therapies, students work closely with a credentialed teacher to regain the highest level of independence and control possible within the educational setting. Students learn how to build upon strengths, access curriculum in innovative ways, self-advocate, and gain self-confidence….. all while earning school credit!

School credit may be earned in several areas. First of all, students have the chance to work on an academic class with our teacher which enables them to join their peers and class “in progress” when they return to their home school. In the best of worlds, assignments are provided by the student’s classroom teacher, and accommodations and modifications are then provided as needed to ensure student success. Also, students may earn credit in Adaptive PE or Elective Credit (through OT, PT, Speech - individual and group classes; Therapeutic Recreation outings) and Modified Science (formal and informal education based on all aspects of one’s injury).

“Therapy and school are extensions of one another. Each gives the student more opportunity to apply cognitive strategies and use the knowledge they’ve learned…while earning school credit."

Laura Magnuson, Craig's teacher


Prior to discharge, students and families work with our teacher to create a school transition plan in order to make the return to school as seamless as possible. Our teacher shares this plan (in person, if possible) with school personnel to educate as well as lessen anxiety for all involved. Also, this plan is often used as the basis of an IEP or 504.

Trent Sears, School Program Participant

Trent was a high school junior when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a varsity lacrosse game. He worked closely with Craig's teacher Laura Magnuson on reading and statistics. He was able to return to school and will graduate on time with his class. He will start college in the fall with a generous scholarship, and he plans to study actuarial science.

“Working with Laura was a great way to get back into the flow,” says Sears. “She took away the unknowns and my worry about going back to school—I’m very thankful for the program.”

(Pictured with Heritage High School Teacher Jason Whitehorn)