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Team Grid

  • Jandel Allen-Davis, MD President and CEO

    Jandel Allen-Davis, MD is the President and CEO of Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital that exclusively specializes in the neurorehabilitation and research for patients with spinal cord injury and brain injury.

    Prior to Craig, Dr. Allen-Davis was the Vice President of Government, External Relations and Research for Kaiser Permanente Colorado from 2009-2018. In that role, she led the organization’s government relations and regulatory affairs, community relations and community benefit investment, clinical and health services research, stakeholder engagement, communications, and advertising and marketing functions.

    Dr. Allen-Davis is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and was in active practice for 25 years. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Allen-Davis completed her residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

    Dr. Allen-Davis is an active participant in the community and currently serves on the boards of Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, National Jewish Health, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and AdvanceEDU. Dr. Allen-Davis also serves on the Colorado Economic Development Commission and is a Denver Branch Director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors. She is married to a Dartmouth College graduate, Anthony Davis (‘82) and they have two children, one of whom graduated from Dartmouth College in 2009. She enjoys gardening and hiking and is a fiber artist whose work has been displayed in several galleries over the years.

  • William M. Scelza, MD Medical Director and President of Craig Hospital Medical Staff

    Craig Physicians

    William "Bill" Scelza, MD, joined the CNS Medical Group and Craig Hospital in 2011 and is the Medical Director of Craig Hospital. He has also served as the Craig Hospital Outpatient Department Medical Director. Dr. Scelza is also Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and as the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Medicine Fellowship Program Director at Craig Hospital/University of Colorado.

    Prior to joining CNS Medical Group, Dr. Scelza was Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation in Charlotte, N.C.

    Dr. Scelza completed his medical training at Case Western University in 1998. He then went on to his residency training in PM&R at the University of Michigan followed by a Fellowship in SCI Medicine at the Kessler Institute in 2002-2003. He holds board certifications in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine and remains active with numerous professional organizations within those fields.

    Dr. Scelza has a wealth of personal and professional spinal cord injury experience, having lived with paraplegia since 1988. He is active with his family, recreation, and aging with spinal cord injury and disability advocacy.

  • Serena Bruzgo Craig Foundation President

    Craig Hospital Foundation

    Prior to joining the Craig Foundation, Bruzgo was Vice President of Development and Marketing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Bruzgo was founder and principal of Community Investment Advisors, a national corporate social responsibility and nonprofit consulting firm and previously held progressive leadership roles at the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association. During her tenure at Mines, she expanded global alumni engagement programs, grew the organization’s endowment and membership revenue, served on the President's Cabinet, and cofounded the Colorado School of Mines Leadership Summit. She also led successful capital and endowment campaigns, major gift solicitations, and marketing and digital engagement efforts for the United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates and Avila University.

    Bruzgo is in the 2021 Leadership Denver class, was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Morgridge Accelerator Fellowship Program, and serves on the board of Impact100 Metro Denver. She is a graduate of Hannibal LaGrange University in Missouri. Her personal interests include exploring the world with her family as scuba divers, Colorado adventurers, and community scientists.

  • Stacy Abel Vice President of People and Culture

    Stacy Abel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the Vice President of People and Culture. Stacy joined the Craig leadership team in 2009 and has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare Human Resources. She has extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including policy design, compensation, performance management, recruiting, compliance reporting, HRIS implementations, HR workflow development, training and development, and benefits administration all of which enable Craig Hospital to recruit and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Stacy holds a BS in Business Administration/Human Resources with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University in Alabama. She is certified through the Human Resource Certification Institute as a Senior Human Resource Professional (SPHR), through SHRM as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and holds a certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt. She is active with the Colorado Human Resource Association, the Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

  • Dan Frank Chief Financial Officer

    Dan Frank serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Dan earned his undergraduate degree in Business with a specialization in Accounting from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He also has a Master of Healthcare Administration degree from the University of Colorado in Denver. Dan has 30 years of financial experience in the health care industry. Prior to joining Craig Hospital in 2019, Dan was the CFO at Longmont United Hospital, and also served previously as the Director of Accounting and Reimbursement for Exempla Healthcare. Dan is responsible for Admissions, the Business Office, Health Information Management, Information Technology, and Materials Management. He is active in his community and has served on a variety of non-profit and community Boards.

  • Jake Manley Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications


  • Dana Polonsky Vice President of Clinical Services

    Dana Polonsky, PT, is the Vice President of Clinical Services. She received her B.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of Kentucky, 1981. Dana joined Craig in 1984 as a physical therapist, was the Director of PT between 1997- 2005, and in 2005 was promoted to VP of Clinical Services. She is responsible for clinical and management of the departments of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, psychology, therapeutic recreation, clinical care management, guest services, risk management, security, safety, engineering and volunteer services.

  • Tim Saunders Corporate Compliance Officer

  • Candy Tefertiller Executive Director of Research and Evaluation


    Candy Tefertiller, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, is the Executive Director of Research and Evaluation and former Director of Physical Therapy. Candy received a B.S in Biology from Mount Olive College in 1997 and a Master's in Physical Therapy from East Carolina University in 2000. Candy has been working in the field of neurological rehabilitation since 2000 and received an assistive technology practitioner (ATP) certification in 2005 and became a certified neurological clinical specialist (NCS) in 2007. Candy then received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Rocky Mountain Health Care University in 2008. She has been involved in numerous research projects and has focused much of her career on interventions and program development promoting recovery after neurologic injury or disease. Candy is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Neurologic Section.

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Abraham Lincoln

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Matt Fritzie
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FAQ Section

No. None of the authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines currently in development in the United States contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. This means that a COVID-19 vaccine cannot make you sick with COVID-19.

There are several different types of vaccines in development. All of them teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19. Sometimes this process can cause symptoms, such as fever. These symptoms are normal and are a sign that the body is building protection against the virus that causes COVID-19. Learn more about how COVID-19 vaccines work.

It typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity (protection against the virus that causes COVID-19) after vaccination. That means it's possible a person could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or just after vaccination and still get sick. This is because the vaccine has not had enough time to provide protection.

No. Neither the recently authorized and recommended vaccines nor the other COVID-19 vaccines currently in clinical trials in the United States can cause you to test positive on viral tests, which are used to see if you have a current infection.

If your body develops an immune response — the goal of vaccination — there is a possibility you may test positive on some antibody tests. Antibody tests indicate you had a previous infection and that you may have some level of protection against the virus. Experts are currently looking at how COVID-19 vaccination may affect antibody testing results.

Yes. Due to the severe health risks associated with COVID-19 and the fact that re-infection with COVID-19 is possible, vaccine should be offered to you regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 infection.

At this time, experts do not know how long someone is protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. The immunity someone gains from having an infection, called natural immunity, varies from person to person. Some early evidence suggests natural immunity may not last very long.

We won't know how long immunity produced by vaccination lasts until we have more data on how well the vaccines work.

Both natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity are important aspects of COVID-19 that experts are trying to learn more about, and CDC will keep the public informed as new evidence becomes available.

Yes. COVID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects you from getting sick with COVID-19.

Being protected from getting sick is important because even though many people with COVID-19 have only a mild illness, others may get a severe illness, have long-term health effects, or even die. There is no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you, even if you don't have an increased risk of developing severe complications. Learn more about how COVID-19 vaccines work.

No. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.

Messenger RNA vaccines — also called mRNA vaccines — are the first COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States. mRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response. The mRNA from a COVID-19 vaccine never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA is kept. This means the mRNA cannot affect or interact with our DNA in any way. Instead, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work with the body’s natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease. Learn more about how COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work.

At the end of the process, our bodies have learned how to protect against future infection. That immune response and making antibodies is what protects us from getting infected if the real virus enters our bodies.

It can be difficult to know which sources of information you can trust. Learn more about finding credible vaccine information.

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Jandel Allen-Davis

Craig Hospital President & CEO