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Craig Hospital Receives $2.5 Million Research Grant From NIDILRR

Research project, in collaboration with the University of Michigan and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, will study the effect of group therapy intervention developed at Craig on people living with spinal cord injury

Englewood, Colo. – (Oct. 20, 2017) – Craig Hospital, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital for people with spinal cord and/or brain injuries, has been awarded a $2.5 million research grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR).

The research project, titled “Reinventing yourself after SCI: A multi-site, randomized, controlled trial of an intervention to improve outcomes after spinal cord injury,” will evaluate the efficacy of group therapy intervention aimed at increasing SCI-specific and general self-efficacy beliefs, enhancing emotional well-being, increasing resilience, and improving participation in society for people living with SCI in the community.

Craig Hospital is the lead site for the study, and will be led by three Principal Investigators: Susan Charlifue, PhD, Kimberley Monden, PhD, and Jennifer Coker, MPH. Craig will collaborate with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, N.J. The study will take place at all three locations, and aims to include more than 250 participants who are at least 4-weeks post-discharge from inpatient rehabilitation.

The intervention will be delivered in six sessions, each lasting approximately two hours. Eight different skills are presented over the course of the intervention to address reframing a person’s method of looking at events, building confidence by focusing on personal strengths, developing methods of recognizing, appreciating the good in one’s life, and expressing gratitude for positive attributes. These skills are presented in a specific sequence through a workbook, so that participants can gain mastery of introductory concepts before undertaking those that are both more difficult and complex.

Recruiting for the study will begin in March 2018. For more information on the study or how a person can qualify, email Jennifer Coker at