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NeuroRecovery Network Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Patient Selection Guidelines

Patients selected for the NeuroRecovery Network must meet the following guidelines. The Medical Director will oversee the patients' medical management related to the activity-based interventions:

  1. Not actively participating in an inpatient rehabilitation program.
  2. Stable with no deteriorating medical condition. No pacemaker present. Patients who have undergone tendon lengthening procedures are not excluded from participation in the NRN. However, if the procedure has been done in the previous 6 months, the patient’s surgical wounds must be well healed and they must have approval from their surgeon to participate in the NeuroRecovery Network.
  3. Non-progressive cervical spinal cord lesion in the absence of lower motor neuron signs.
  4. The following diagnostic groups may be included in the NeuroRecovery Network: a) Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury; b) transverse myelitis; c) spinal cord infarct; d) surgically decompressed primary tumor (excluding radiation and chemotherapy); e) stable treated infections (excluding HIV)
  5. The following diagnostic groups are excluded from participation in the NeuroRecovery Network: a) multiple sclerosis; b) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); c) lower motor neuron disorders
  6. Not ventilator dependent.
  7. Able to voluntarily extend head.
  8. No painful musculoskeletal dysfunction, or unhealed fractures, that would contraindicate Locomotor Training.
  9. Able to follow/understand verbal commands.
  10. No oral or intrathecal pump (baclofen, morphine, or clonidine, benzos, antipsasticity agents, etc) delivery – or compliance to reduce and eliminate these medications.
  11. No use of botulinum toxin within the previous 3 months. This includes injection or washing of the bladder with botulinum toxin, no injection of botulinum toxin to the skin, the muscles of the upper or lower extremities or the trunk. If a patient receives botulinum toxin injection or washing after enrollment in the NeuroRecovery Network, the patient will be suspended or discharged from the NeuroRecovery Network program.
  12. Consideration of seizure medication use.
  13. Compliance to eliminate or minimize lower extremity orthotics.
  14. No current illegal drug use.
  15. Compliance and motivation of person to participate.

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