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Module study (Craig Hospital, lead): Internet use and online social participation among individuals with TBI

Internet Use and Online Social Participation Among Individuals with TBI

PI(s): Lead – Christina Baker, BA, David Mellick, MA, and Gale Whiteneck, PhD (Craig Hospital)
Funded by: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
Dates: 2013 - 2017
Contact(s): Christina Baker (

The primary objective of this module is to determine the extent of online social participation among TBIMS participants with the following research aims: 1) characterize internet use with a focus on communication and participation via social media and 2) examine associations between patterns of internet use and demographics and functional and psychosocial outcomes collected concurrently at Form II, to identify any predictors of successful online participation. A series of questions will be added to the Form II of 384 cases covering: types and contests of online activity; use of social media; modes, frequency, and patterns of usage; types of barriers impeding online accessibility; types of assistive devices and compensatory strategies; and factors that prevent/deter non-users from engaging in online activity. Planned analyses will characterize the nature of internet use, assess differences in responses among demographic groups and between TBI and the general populations, assess relationships between survey responses and functional and psychological outcomes also collected on Form II. Regression analyses will build predictive models of success in social participation via social media.