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Teen Rehabilitation at Craig (TRAC)

What is TRAC?

Teen Rehabilitation at Craig (TRAC) is an adolescent focused program for Craig patients provided during their inpatient stay. TRAC is a comprehensive and inclusive opportunity for teen patients and their families to empower each other during the rehabilitation process.

TRAC fosters positive peer support and age-specific education and programming. TRAC drives and shapes integrated programming tailored to the adolescent experience.

The heart of TRAC is each adolescent patient’s relationship with an expert interdisciplinary care team (doctor, psychologist, nurses, therapists, teacher, and clinical care manager). Craig offers an individualized treatment approach to rehabilitation care, based on patient and family goals and team recommendations.

Our School Program

Our School Program empowers adolescent patients to continue their studies at a level of engagement appropriate to their rehabilitation status, maintaining ties with their schools and peers. Our licensed teacher coordinates closely with each student and family, Craig care team, school personnel, and assistive technology experts.

As adolescents transition from the hospital to home and from home back to school, our teacher continues to offer expertise and support. Craig is one of only a few rehabilitation centers nationwide with a teacher on-site.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation outings and Craig based activities give teens a chance to have fun together while practicing the skills they’re learning in therapy and reconnecting with their passions and the world outside the hospital. Friends from home are welcome to join in many of these activities. As part of TRAC, Craig offers teen-specific outings and activities.

Patient Education

Patient Education helps orient patients to their treatment at Craig and introduces new routines for staying healthy. TRAC offers a series of classes specifically for adolescents, geared toward physical, emotional, and social changes, while addressing the learning needs of teens.

SCI Scholars Program

The SCI Scholars Program, established by a former teen patient, offers financial assistance that enables high school and college students to acquire assistive technology.

Support Group

Family Support Programming for Parents of Teens is provided by our psychologists and clinical care managers, who offer classes and support groups to provide education and a sense of community to the families of our adolescent patients. This support group (scheduled at the same time as teen-focused activities) meets every other week and provides parents with opportunities to connect with other families navigating a similar experience, to recharge, and to address specific concerns.


Inpatient admission referrals to Craig Hospital need to come directly from the hospital where the patient is located. Families, physicians and insurance carriers are encouraged to have the hospital case manager call our admissions team. The hospital will need to fax in a referral to 720-599-3990. Your referral will be evaluated by our team of experts.

About Craig Booklet

This guide contains helpful information for prospective patients and families.