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Equipment & Technology at The PEAK Center

The PEAK Center at Craig Hospital is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and technology supporting recovery in individuals with neurological disorders from early mobilization through late recovery to provide a greater degree of improvement and recovery of function.

Our team is excited to be part of the community providing opportunities for individuals with neurologic disabilities. This is a hopeful time in the field of neurologic rehabilitation where research shows the ability of exercise to benefit individuals in terms of recovery, health and fitness.

Examples of leading edge technology available at The PEAK Center at Craig Hospital include:

The Ekso

The Ekso, developed by Ekso Bionics, is a mobile exoskeleton that can assist individuals who have complete lower extremity and trunk paralysis to stand and walk over ground. The Ekso provides full weight bearing support while over ground walking and allows for individual adjustment for each person’s body type. After initial setup, clients can easily transfer from a wheelchair to walking in just a few short minutes.

Lokomat Robotic Walking

The Lokomat is a robotic locomotor training system that utilizes a body weight supported harness system over a treadmill to assist individuals in achieving a walking pattern who have very little leg movement. The goal with this system is to optimize recovery through repetitive, intensive, customized gait therapy while providing real time feedback for gait adjustments. The Lokomat also provides biofeedback and augmented feedback to create a motivating environment that will result in increased motor activation while stepping on a treadmill.

WAVE Full Body Vibration Plate

The Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise (WAVE) focuses on increasing muscle activation by stimulating the tonic vibratory reflex to improve strength and function of the limbs and trunk. Research has demonstrated whole body vibration may also reduce spasticity and improve bone density, flexibility, and positional awareness. The WAVE vibration plate provides an excellent tool for customized exercises targeting specific muscles for improvement.

RT600 FES Elliptical Trainer

The RT600 FES Elliptical Trainer supports clients with impaired lower extremity movement in an upright position in order to perform active movement. It uses a body support harness and therapeutic electrical stimulation. The trainer stimulates up to 10 muscle groups and helps decrease muscle atrophy while increasing muscle activity in lower extremities. It also provides benefits such as relaxation of muscle spasms, increased circulation and assists to maintain or increase range of motion.

Manual Training

Manual gait training helps clients graduate to increasingly advanced modes of over land walking with the support of various equipment and a team of personal 1:1 trainers. Customized gait training programs are established for clients that keep them safe while challenging them to reach their individual goals. The Krank Cycle provides upper body spin exercises that build physical strength, endurance and power. Clients may utilize the equipment on an individual or group exercise basis elevating their heart rate while burning calories with the goal of improving their cardiovascular function and endurance. Manual equipment such as the Power Tower, Smith fitness machine and many others provide challenging workouts to individuals with deficits from neurologic injuries and disease. We have modified equipment that is implemented in an individual’s workout plan to challenge the neuromuscular system as well as the cardiovascular system in all levels of memberships. An individual workout program is designed for each individual based on their fitness and wellness goals.

Aquatic Exercises

Physical therapists and exercise specialists work 1:1 with clients in the on-site therapy pool providing health benefits to individuals with a variety of medical conditions.